Property/Facility Condition Assessments.

Property and Facility Condition Assessments are used by Owners to help:

  1. Inventory the major equipment components located at their properties and serving their buildings,
  2. Determine each component’s current condition and remaining useful life, and
  3. Help to plan and budget for immediate and future capital improvement needs over a period of time (typically a 20-year period).

SB Thomas & Associates has performed these assessments including low-level energy audits for public housing agencies, schools and higher education customers across the country.  These projects involve inspections/assessments of sites, building exteriors, major system components including elevators, HVAC and MEP systems, life safety features, interior common areas, living areas or classrooms at each property.  Then, we prepare reports documenting the assessments, prepare cost tables for use in capital improvement planning, and identify of energy conservation measures that may provide utility cost savings.

In the end, our clients have an updated inventory list identifying existing conditions so that they can adequately maintain their properties and facilities and plan for the future.