Specialized Areas

  • Residential and Commercial Building Inspections
  • Disaster Recovery Construction
  • Military Project Management


  • 35+ Licenses and Certifications

Years of Experience

  • 30 yrs. Inspection Industry

Timothy Tucker

Senior Project Manager

  • tim@sbthomasassociates.com

In his role as SB Thomas Senior Project Manager, Tim oversees a large scale multi Military Base Family Housing Assessment project. As the International Project Executive for overseas military bases, he works closely with the US Military and SB Thomas partners. This role reflects his continued commitment to upholding safety, quality, and excellence in the Inspection Industry, marking a career dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.

With a solid 30-year foundation in the Inspection Industry, Tim is a respected expert in Residential and Commercial Building Inspections. His career path has been characterized by a continuous quest for knowledge and skill, as evidenced by obtaining more than 35 specialized licenses and certifications. These credentials not only demonstrate his commitment to the field but also his expansive expertise.

Throughout his career, Tim has conducted over 10,000 inspections across the United States and its territories. This extensive field experience has equipped him with the skills necessary to manage a variety of projects, including standard building inspections, environmental assessments, energy efficiency reviews, and the introduction of innovative construction methods.

Tim’s experience in disaster recovery construction includes critical roles in Puerto Rico, Texas, and Florida, where he successfully navigated complex recovery efforts. Tim’s role in overseeing more than 20,000 Department of Energy Weatherization Assistance Program inspections highlights his capability in large-scale operational management.

Tim excels in client needs analysis, quality assurance, and the management of suppliers and staff through effective communication of deadlines and focusing on project completion while adhering to budget constraints.

In military project management, Tim led important housing condition assessments at several military bases. His expertise in Quality Assurance/Quality Control, Building Code interpretation, and project scheduling has been essential in meeting project objectives within their specified scopes, budgets, and timelines.

Tim’s commitment to the industry is further evident through his volunteer service on boards of the American Society of Home Inspectors and the National Radon Safety Board.