Project Name: Grant Administration Services Pittsburgh, PA

Owners: Ohio Valley Hospital, FamilyLinks, Pittsburgh Opera

Dates: 2012 – Present

Team Members: SB Thomas & Assoc., Various general and HVAC contractors

Construction Amount: $1.37 Million (All projects)

Each year, the Allegheny County Economic Development Department (ACED) releases its Community Infrastructure & Tourism Fund (CITF) grant program, which provides grant funds to non-profit organizations

for construction projects within Allegheny County. As with any government grant program, the requirements are far more involved than non-profit organizations are typically used to dealing with and the CITF program is no different. On that basis, three non-profits have engaged the services on SB Thomas & Associates to assist their organization through the required public procurement process and to provide grant and construction administration services.

With Ohio Valley Hospital, SB Thomas & Associates participated during the bidding, award, and construction phase for the hospital’s reconstructed main parking lot. Throughout this process, SBTA worked closely with the general contractor, TEDCO, as well as ACED’s grant program manager to ensure all of the grant requirements were met. Additionally, SBTA also assisted Ohio Valley Hospital during the grant close-out audit process.

With FamilyLinks, SBTA provided the same grant administration services noted above on FamilyLinks’ HVAC upgrade project at their Administrative Office building on Banksville Road. This project went so well that FamilyLinks has recently engaged SBTA on a 2nd CITF-funded HVAC project at their building located in East Liberty.

Finally, SB Thomas & Associates also provided grant administration services to the Pittsburgh Opera on its CITF-funded HVAC upgrade at its Administration Office building located in the Strip District. However, under this project, SBTA was also contracted to provide construction management services including periodic on-site inspections, conducting job meetings, approving payment applications, conducting punch list inspections, etc.

All of these projects were completed on-time and in accordance with all of the grant requirements resulting in close-out without audit findings.