Client: Allegheny County Department of Public Works

Project Name: Lateral Support Wall & Slope Stabilization Projects

Project Timeline: April 2018 – April 2023

Construction Amount: $5.4 million

Services Provided: Construction Management & Construction Inspection (CM/CI)

Project Overview:

Since 2018, under the Allegheny County Department of Public Works (ADPW) CM/CI contract, SB Thomas and its subconsultant partners have completed eleven lateral support wall and slope stabilization projects throughout Allegheny County. These projects ranged in scope from rock embankments to beam and lagging walls and ranged in value from $40K – $780K.

Project Role:

On each of these projects, SB Thomas and its subconsultant partners provided daily on-site supervision and inspection staffing that monitored the contractors’ compliance with the contract documents, prepared daily inspection reports and took progress photos, completed measurements and calculations, prepared monthly pay estimates, generated PCNs and change orders, tracked, logged, and reviewed contractor submittals and requests for information (RFI) and more.

On each ACDPW project, SB Thomas implemented the use of a construction management platform (VPO) where contractors uploaded project documentation including submittals and payrolls and where inspection staff input daily reports and upload progress photos. The platform electronically manages the flow of project documentation and allows ACDPW Project Managers and project designers to remotely review the documentation and track project progress.