Client: Allegheny County Department of Public Works

Project Name: Deborah T. Booker Community Center, Natrona Heights, PA

Project Timeline: May 2019 – Spring 2023

Construction Amount: $2.2 million – $3.8 million

Services Provided: Construction Management & Construction Inspection (CM/CI)

Project Overview:

Each year Allegheny County Department of Public Works (ACDPW) enters into construction contracts for rehabilitation, preservation, or replacement of small bridges, culverts, and end-walls throughout Allegheny County. The 2018B and 2019 Capital Bridge projects spanned 2-years, totaled more than $2.2M, and included the preservation of three small bridges, the removal of one bridge and subsequent roadway realignment, the replacement of four culverts, and the replacement of two end-walls. The 2021 and 2021B Capital Bridge projects also spans more than 2-years, totals roughly $3.8M, and includes repair, replacement, or preservation of seven culverts, one bridge replacement, one bridge and one structure preservation, and the removal of one bridge.

Project Role:

SB Thomas & Associates provides CM/CI services for ACDPW on the 2018B, 2019, 2021, and 2021B Capital Bridge projects. Our inspection team on these projects includes a Transportation Construction Manager (TCM) and a Transportation Construction Inspector Supervisor (TCIS) along with Transportation Construction Inspectors from our MDBE partner, Dynotec. The inspection team conducts daily on-site inspections, completes daily inspection reports, provides photo documentation, calculates actual quantities of work completed, monitors the contractor’s progress, prepares monthly pay estimates, and reviews and responds to submittals and RFI among other functions. Each year, these projects are successfully completed on time.